Eric with his puppy Spencer... and a very concerned Elmo!

Eric with his puppy Spencer... and a very concerned Elmo!

Credit: Gwenn Seemel, 'Sea Turtle drawing (2015)

About us

Eric Busse - 1st Dreamer

Eric was born in San Diego, California. Living just a few blocks from the beach, he formed a deep connection and love for the Ocean. He followed his childhood dream of joining the US Coast Guard at the first opportunity. Experiencing nature on the open ocean and in places like Gatun Lake in Panama had a profound impact on him. A month long family vacation to Costa Rica touched his soul and sparked an interest in protecting the rainforest. With a successful career as an IT Manager and his sons nearing college age, he pondered what the next chapter in his story would be. A growing concern for the environment and frustrated attempts to make a difference collided in the summer of 2015. With a passion for social entrepreneurship, environmental conservation, and adventure… Return to Wild was born.


You, our 2nd Dreamer?

How could you help bring this dream to reality?  We need board members, founders, and advisors. Not ready to take that leap? How about sharing your ideas or an encouraging word?