Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.”  ~ Seth Godin
The Vision
My passion for ocean and rainforest conservation lead to my vision for a new model of privately funded conservation, anchored around an ecovillage community of active, growth-minded individuals.
I've explored some capital funding model and not yet found one that is value aligned and realistic. While I develop and test new approaches, I'll post resources that may be of interest to expats and adventurous souls interested in experiencing the magic of Costa Rica.
If the concept sounds interesting, I'd love to hear your ideas and feedback. Let's connect!

Our Name
Return to Wild has two meanings. The first is to return developed land to its original wild splendor. The second is for us to return to a lifestyle connected and in harmony with nature.

Our Mission
Return to Wild is a project to create a global community built on the values of environmental conservation, personal and community development, and living in harmony with nature. Our rainforest reserves are laboratories for conservation, sustainable tourism, and small footprint living. We provide fun, educational, and inspiring activities and programs for individuals and families that share our conservation values. 

Wilderness Retreat 
Our wilderness retreat provides recreational activities like paddle boarding, snorkeling, yoga, and guided nature hikes year around. Also, we host experiential classes and workshops with a specific recurring theme for each month of the year. For example, music & art, nutrition & fitness, and personal development.

Saving the Rainforest
Land acquisition and community facilities will be funded through the purchase of shares in the organization. This grants the shareholder a lifetime lease of a parcel that can be developed in accordance with the current International Green Construction Code and keeping with the community standards. In addition, shareholders enjoy unlimited use of all community facilities. 

Shareholders not living on-site may rent their homes through R2W to provide passive income. Right of Survivorship extends only to the shareholder’s legal spouse/partner at the time of death. Following the passing of a shareholder, homes are maintained by R2W and rented to fund additional land acquisition and conservation efforts. A conservation easement is placed on the title of all properties and granted to the Nature Conservancy. This ensures our rainforest is protected in perpetuity. 

Retire Tropical
R2W is structured to provide a low cost, small-footprint tropical lifestyle to retired and semi-retired residents. Community resources like a co-op, permaculture garden, vehicles, and wind and solar power may allow some shareholders to retire earlier than they would otherwise. Interested residents are encouraged to work in business and operation roles as a way of contributing to our success and to provide them with supplemental income. 

How you can Help
The success of Return to Wild depends on connecting passionate environmentalist from diverse professional backgrounds with the right strategic roles. Leaders with expertise in finance, marketing, law, and non-profit management will be essential. The broader our collective backgrounds, experiences, and talents, the more creative and resourceful we can be in bringing this unique and innovative conservation model to life.

R2W will be structured as a non-profit and made up of a Board of Directors, Shareholders, and Collaborators. Board members, who are also shareholders, will guide strategy. Shareholders provide the capital for purchasing and protecting the land. 

Everyone starts as a Collaborator. Someone like you, who wants to channel their concern into action. Someone that is excited about what Return to Wild could be. Someone who can bring ideas to life!

Embrace your Inner Treehugger...